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Snap Action Switch
Snap Action Switch
Snap Action Switch

A snap action switch is also known as an electronic micro switch. It is actuated by a tipping-point mechanism. HIGHLY Snap Action Switch has UL, ENEC, TUV,3C, CQC approval, and other countries certification, produced by environmental material, and up to grade ROHS, quality stability. 

Among the microswitch industrial manufacturers, HIGHLY produced waterproof micro switches that are in a protection grade of IP67, resistance to high-temperature, and long service life. Besides, the handle style is complete, good touch, and good operation ability that can meet the needs of various workplaces/industry. 

Snap action switch mainly used in computers, car electronic equipment, communication equipment, test instruments, home appliances, float equipment, medical equipment, electric automation tools, electrical radio equipment,24-hour timer, etc.


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