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Price RM35.00 RM35.90
Product SKU HDA323
Brand Energizer
Availability 6

Brilliant ways to use your head - browse our assortment of powerful and lightweight LED headlights...also known as headlamps. Comfortable, secure and durable, these headlamps are the perfect solution for any jobs and activities that demand the use of both hands

Energizer Vision LED Headlamp gives you reliable light no matter where your work or adventures take you.

This wearable LED light is ready to shine while leaving both hands free, whether you're taking an early morning jog, going camping, or dealing with an unexpected power outage. Unleash the maximum power of 200 Lumens on high mode for a 50m beam distance, or use the convenient push button to select energy-saving low mode. Powered by three AAA alkaline batteries (included), this Energizer headlamp runs for up to 7 hours on high, producing light that is 4x brighter compared to standard LED technology. This Energizer LED headlamp pivots to let you direct light right where you need it most. Count on Energizer to provide bright, reliable light in any situation.

  • One Energizer Vision LED Headlamp with 3 Energizer AAA batteries
  • Hands-free operation and extended run time make this an ideal battery-powered headlamp for a variety of activities
  • Pivoting light makes this a great reading headlamp, LED work light, or camping headlamp
  • Hands-free LED light features two modes to control brightness and run time
  • Wearable light pivots to direct the beam where you need it
  • Powerful white LEDs are four times brighter than standard LED technology to provide good, all-round coverage
  • Includes three AAA batteries which provide up to 7 hours of light


Mode light output
Light Output

Run Time

beam distance
Beam Distance

impact resistance
Impact Resistant

water resistance
Water Resistant

White - High 200 lumens 7 hours 50 meters 1meters N/A
White - Low 45 lumens 20 hours 25 meters 1 meter N/A


What's in the box

1x Energizer Vision Headlight 200Lumens Model HDA323 | 3x Energizer AAA Battery | 1x Headstrap (Adjustable non-slip head-strap)