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Precautions and Maintenance:

▪ When starting: first turn on the power switch and then adjust the mist water valve

▪ When switching off: first close the mist water valve and then disconnect the power supply.

▪ When filling liquid Chemical, it is advised not to overfill and not exceed the upper limit of the scale.

▪ After turning off, be sure to disconnect any Power Cord

▪ Pour out the residual liquid medicine, then add in clear water, shake and wash, pour out remaining, repeat the steps if necessary.

▪ Once you turn on the device, turn on the spray for 2 to 3 minutes before begin fogging.

▪ To extend the life span of equipment, the liquid containers need to clean thoroughly before storage.

▪ After cleaning, make sure its properly dried and store in a cool and dry place.

▪ You may clean the air intake filter after the entire machine works for 20-30 hours