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OPT Tools New Release AEP-4301

This year we upgrade tools to auto-return design and more features to explore. 
AEP-4301 is the pistol 18V Li-ion battery-operated tool with auto-return/manual return/half return for different crimping sizes.


Introduce AEP-4301 18V Li-ion Battery Crimping Tool:


Upgraded with 3 different oil-return modes, including manual/50% return/auto modes, AEP-4301 performs with efficiency and perfection. Ergonomic and balanced design, crimping work has never been so easy! AEP-4301 features more here

☛one-hand operation
☛pressure detector
☛LED light indicator
☛temperature protecting design
☛standard hexagon dies 35-400 mmsq
☛welcome customization



  • Release Mode Selector design, three modes, smarter
  • Ergonomic design, single-hand operation supported
  • White LED working light and current smart condition light
  • Protection design for over-load
  • With temperature detector, after Max. temperature 60 degrees achieved,
  • it will cut electrical automatically to protect crimper
  • Even though crimper at high pressure, labor-saved oil return knob design
  • With the switch to manual release mode anytime to set the original position
  • Cylinder past lifetime over 60,000.-cycles test, high quality

Battery-operated tools are the trend and trial order is welcome!! We will offer technical support to you and all our battery/hydraulic tools have a 1-year warranty term.