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Analog timers have a 24-hour dial that mechanically advances as time passes. When the dial reaches a pin or tripper, the light comes on and stays on until the timer advances to the next trip or pin position on the dial.

AH3 Time Relay

A time relay is an automatic switching device that uses electromagnetic or mechanical principles to realize delay control. When the input action signal is added (or removed), its output circuit needs to pass a specified accurate time to produce a jumping change (or contact action). It is an electrical component used on a circuit with a lower voltage or a smaller current to switch on or off a circuit with a higher voltage and a larger current. At the same time, a time relay is also a control appliance that uses the electromagnetic principle or the mechanical principle to realize delay control. There are many types of it, including air damping type, electric type, and electronic type.

AH3 Series of electric time relays have a small size, lightweight, have high delay accuracy, a wide time range, good reliability, long life characteristics, etc. The items complied with international standards and are suitable for kinds of high precision and reliable auto control situations to delay control.


  AH3-1 AH3-2
Output Contact SPDT  DPDT
Rated Voltage 110V 240V D24V 240V D24V
Time Range SEC:  30s/ 60s SEC:  6s/ 10s/ 30s/ 60s
MIN: 3m/ 6m/ 10m/ 30m/ 60m
SEC:  6s/ 10s/ 30s/ 60s
MIN: 3m/ 6m/ 10m/ 30m/ 60m
SEC:  6s/ 10s/ 30s/ 60s
MIN: 10m/  60m
SEC:  6s/ 10s/ 30s/ 60s
MIN: 3m/ 6m/ 10m/ 

*Please contact us for time range details




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